Our approach to sustainability


United Oil and Gas is committed to being a positive presence in the regions where we do business,  conducting our operations in a safe and responsible manner to deliver long term growth, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations and limiting our environmental impact.

All of our policies are fit-for-purpose and reflect that we act as a non-operator partner in the majority of our licences.

In September 2020 the Board established an ESG committee to drive forward our commitment to ensure sustainability.


Our key areas of focus:

Our people and communities

United is committed to creating a safe work environment. We are an equal opportunity employer promoting diversity and treating all employees with respect and fairness.

We are committed to the sustainable development of the communities where we are present by providing employment opportunities across a range of operational and administrative roles for locals.


Health and safety

United is focused on ensuring that all employees have adequate awareness, information, and resources to be able to prioritise HSE and implement best practice to ensure that the chances of any incidents are minimised.

We are pleased to report that, to date, our operations have had no safety breaches nor reported incidences.

Future plans

  • Maintain zero LTIF



United places great importance on limiting the impact our activities have on the environment, operating to the highest environmental standards. The Company complies with all of the environmental and health and safety regulatory requirements in each country that it is present in to ensure that all activity is undertaken safely.

Future plans

  • Continue to minimise the impact of our operations


Values / Governance

United is committed to operating responsibly across our business activities and does not tolerate bribery or corruption. We expect our employees to adhere to high ethical standards. We recognise the importance of sound corporate governance and, to the extent able, complies with the provisions of the QCA Corporate Governance Code.

  • Sept 2020 the appointment of a new NED